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How to... 'Set up a pond'

Deciding you want to set up a pond can be one of the most daunting tasks within the aquatic hobby. You may ask at multiple aquatics retailers or ask friends who have already set up a pond for their advice but you may start to notice a trend that everyone has a different opinion on how to achieve exactly what you want.

To help, we have created a simple 'How to' with regards to creating a pond suitable for keeping fish.

Step One - Before construction begins you should decide what you want to achieve. Are you wanting to create a pond to keep smaller fish; ornamental goldfish, sarasa comets or shubunkins?. Or are you looking more towards keeping Koi? It is worth deciding first as there are recommended minimum pond sizes, pump and filter types etc.

Step Two - Locate a level area of ground within your garden you are happy to install a pond into and start digging a hole! We would recommend that you dig it at minimum depth of 3 foot as the deeper the pond is the better your fish will handle the winter.

Step Three - Once the hole is dug it it recommended that you measure the pond hole dimensions and purchase the relevant pond liner and pond liner underlay (used to help extend the liners life). To work out pond liner size, please see the graphic at the top of this text.

Step Four - Lay the pond liner underlay and pond liner within the pool trying to keep creases or folds to a minimum.

Step Five - With the pond dimensions you should then work out the pond capacity in gallons or litres and buy a suitable pond pump and filter system to filter this.

Step Six - Fill the pond, connect up the pump and filter system and admire your new pond!

if you are unsure of anything and require assistance with any stage of this pond construction process please feel free to email or call us.

(Details at the bottom on the page)

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