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How to... 'Prepare your Pond for Winter!'

Winter 2013 is certainly on its way, cold spells, dark evenings and even a UK storm warning was issued last week. (Oct 2013).

What us pond aquarists must not forget however is the collective of cold-blooded fish we have in the Pond over the winter. Our actions now (in October/November) can really help prepare them.

It's common knowledge that pond fish should be fed on lower-protein food (i.e Wheatgerm) over the winter (if they continue to eat that is!) but we may overlook their environment at these cold times.

The real danger for your fish is that the pond surface freezes over, some methods such as floating inflatables (i.e, beach balls) are great ideas as they will expand and contract with temperature but they can only do so much.

This is where pond heaters can help...

Pond heaters are not just a luxury that only certain types of ponds need or require, they suit all and can be lifesavers for fish if the winter is particularly harsh (like is was in Winter 2010) and we would encourage customers to view our range. Even a small heater can help ensure the pond does not freeze over and that the all important CO2 & Oxygen exchange at the surface does not stop.

You can view them HERE

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