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Oase SwimSkim CWS
  • Oase SwimSkim CWS
  • Oase SwimSkim CWS
  • Oase SwimSkim CWS

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Oase SwimSkim CWS

Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers are used to increase both the clarify and the quality of the water in the pond. Surface skimmers like the 'Oases Swimskin 25 and Swimskin CWS' both actively patrol the ponds surface drawing in debris that is both unsightly and that could otherwise biodegrade adding to the pond filters workload.


Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces.
Clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through direct removal of pollutants on the surface.
Integrated oxygen injectors enriches the pond with oxygen.
Extremely strong suction due to patented flap technology.
Automatic adjustment to any pond water height. (Minimum pond depth 40cm).

The Swimskin 25 will provide powerful cleaning for pond surfaces up to 25m2, whilst its bigger brother the Swimskim CWS will clean surfaces up to 50m2.



RRP: £314.99


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