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Oase String Algae Control

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Oase String Algae Control

Oase - String Algae Control (Blanketweed Treatment)

Blanket weed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone. It will makes your pond unsightly and can block filters, pumps and pipes. 'String Algae Control' is an ideal product which will kill blanket weed if used as instructed. 'Oase - String Algae Control' must not be used in wildlife ponds or ornamental ponds where frogs/toads are spawning.

A useful measuring beaker is included within the products packaging. If pressure is placed on the middle of the item the beaker will pop out.

Please ensure you turn your UV (Ultra Violet) light off for 48 hours during treatment.
500ml will treat a 2200 gallon (10000 litre) pond.

Available in a single size of 500ml.



RRP: £22.99


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