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Oase IceFree 330
  • Oase IceFree 330
  • Oase IceFree 330

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Oase IceFree 330

The IceFree Thermo 330 with integrated frost guard allows your pond to safely over winter. If you have a large pond this is without doubt you best option.

In recent times we have spoken to customers who mention that they have lost fish over the very harsh winters and the majority have gone on to buy pond heaters. The IceFree 330 is Oase's largest pond heater and will without doubt help your fish endure the winter and is 'ideal' for ponds with many fish and a large surface area.

Safe to use for temperatures down to -20C
Frost Guard Integrated
Extremely quiet motor operation
Float made of polystyrene
Power consumption: 330 Watt
10 m power cable length

The running costs are also not to be concerned about, certainly don't quote us, but we believe it should only cost around 30 per month if left on constantly (based on average UK 2013 prices). A small price to pay to guarantee the health of your pond fish!




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