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Oase IceFree 20
  • Oase IceFree 20
  • Oase IceFree 20

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Oase IceFree 20

Even in winter, underneath a closed sheet of ice, the garden pond stays biologically active. Decaying vegetation and other organic compounds decompose and release toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphate in the process. These gases cannot escape from the pond due to the frozen surface. Fish and other aquatic life forms which live in the lower and warmer parts of the pond during the winter cannot deal with this situation. Quite often fish die of toxic poisoning due to paralysed respiratory tracts. Furthermore, the closed sheet of ice eliminates contact with the atmosphere, hence the oxygen content of the water can sink dangerously low and in turn can cause fish to die.

OASE IceFree 20 is the ideal solution to keep one part of the pond free from ice. The float has a wintry design and is connected to the pump via an 80 cm long silicon tube. The pump is hung in the pond and transports small amounts of water from the warmer layers in the lower parts of the pond to the float.

The constant supply of water with a temperature of 2-4 degrees C keeps the pond surface to a diameter of approx. 20 cm around the float, free of ice.
This requires only a very small flow rate so that the power consumption is kept amazingly low.
The important temperature zones in the pond remain undisturbed.

The IceFree 20 ensures reliable performance in temperatures of up to 20 C.

Power Consumption: 5w
Turnover Rate: 7 litres/min
Head of Water Max: 0.75cm
Cable Length: 10m

The running costs are also not to be concerned about, certainly don't quote us, but we believe it should only cost around 0.50 per month if left on constantly (based on average UK 2013 prices). A small price to pay to guarantee the health of your pond fish!




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