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Oase Filtral 6000
  • Oase Filtral 6000
  • Oase Filtral 6000

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Oase Filtral 6000

Oase Filtral

Multifunctional compact underwater filter with UVC. The 'Oase Filtral UVC' guarantees clear and health pond water whilst offering the function of operating with a fountain (with Filtral Nozzle Kit).


Suitable for pond sizes up to 3000, 6000 and 9000 litres respectively.
Compact filter unit with integrated UVC technology for guaranteed green water.
Ultra-violet light 7w - 3000 model, 9w - 6000 model and 11w - 9000 model.
Contains 4 different filter materials.
Coarse particles up to 8mm are displaced by the strainer.
Supplied with a 90 degree bend stepped hose tail for feeding a small watercourse or water feature.
Completely submersable and designed not to disturb the appearance of the pond.
UVC visual function check.
Can be operated with the additional 'Filtral Nozzle Kit' to create a fountain effect.

Guarantee:  2 years.



RRP: £249.99


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