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Oase BioSmart Set 36000
  • Oase BioSmart Set 36000

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Oase BioSmart Set 36000

Oase 'BioSmart' 36000

The ideal flow through pump and filter sets for beginners and advanced aquarists alike.
These units provide easy maintenance, thanks to cleaning handles and additional bottom drain.
Each filter also has a pollutant level indicator and temperature indicator for convenient pond monitoring.


Optimally matched pump and filters.
Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology.
Cleaning handles for convenient maintenance.
Displays for pollutant level and water temperature.
Sludge drain for easy removal of coarse debris.
Additional oxygen enrichment through special water channels.
Filters can be buried up to 1/3 of their height.
Incl. Oase Clear Water Guarantee*

BioSmart Set 36000 contains:

* Biosmart 36000 Filter
* Oase ECO Classic 11500
  (100w; 11000 LPH, Qmax; 3.3 Hmax)
* Vitronic 36w UVC
* 100ml BioKick Filter Start
* 5 metres - 1. 1/2" hose.



RRP: £1199.99


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