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Oase AquaSkim 40
  • Oase AquaSkim 40
  • Oase AquaSkim 40

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Oase AquaSkim 40

'Oase AquaSkim' is the in-pond skimmer solution for ensuring a clean and clear pond surface.
Used as a supplement to a filter system the 'AquaSkim' can clean pond surfaces up to 40m3.

Powerful suction for cleaning pond surfaces up to 40m3 (with matched pump).
Clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through direct removal of pollutants on the surface.
Large base as recepticle for rocks or gravel as a ballast.
Easy Maintenance with easily accessible coarse debris basket.
Debris basket removable at distance via grip hooks.

We offer the 'AquaSkim in two sizes, the 'AquaSkim 20', and the 'AquaSkim 40'.



RRP: £89.99


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