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Oase AquaActiv Water Analysis Profi-Set
  • Oase AquaActiv Water Analysis Profi-Set

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Oase AquaActiv Water Analysis Profi-Set

Water Test Kits are a crucial purchase for an aquarist, they allow you to discovered exactly what water parameters your fish are living in. There is a saying within the aquatic trade that 'Clear water, is not always healthy water' and it could not be more true. It is quite possible to have clear water but with a 'nitrite' reading that is off the scale causing a dangerous environment for fish.

We would highly recommend the purchase of a test kit for all areas of the aquatic hobby to help ensure that any water quality issues are identified and rectified. With a test kit at hand you have the tools to help guarantee the success and well being of your aquatic environment.

'Oase - AquaActiv Wasseranalyse Profi-Set' is a professional level water test kit for Ponds. It will allow users to check 'Ammonia, Nitrite, pH, Total hardness (GH), Carbonate hardness (KH) and Phosphate' accurately.

The set includes:

pH test (single solution).
Ammonia test (three solutions).
Nitrite test (three solutions).
Carbonate Hardness (KH) test (single solution).
General Hardness (GH) test (single solution).
Phosphate test (two solutions & single solution as function check).
4x Test Vials.
Water withdrawal syringe.
Colour Scales (to judge test results).
Measuring spoon.
Oase Pen.
Instruction booklet.

If you are unsure how to perform a water test and would like us to perform it for you please look at our 'Post-Friendly' water test service.



RRP: £154.99


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