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Lotus ClearPond 50000
  • Lotus ClearPond 50000
  • Lotus ClearPond 50000

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Lotus ClearPond 50000

Lotus Clear Pond Filter Systems come with a high powered UVC to ensure green water elimination.
The multi chamber design includes filter brushes to catch physical waste and the filter foam cartridges and flocor help create a mass area for beneficial bacteria, which break down harmful toxins.

The Back Flush (de-sludge) system is a simple way to remove silt and sludge build up from the filter tank.

Creates a clean, clear, healthy pond - pick the most suitable model for your pond (always going up a model if close to capacity).

We offer the 'Clear Pond' from Oasis/Lotus in sizes of:

Clear Pond 50000

Pond Fish Stock: (Low) - 40000 Litres (8800 gals)
Pond Fish Stock: (High) - 18000 Litres (4000 gals)
Maximum Flow: 9000 Litres (2000 gals)
Inlet Size: 19 - 32mm (3/4" - 1.1/4")
Outlet Size: 50mm (2")
UVC Wattage: 50watts.



RRP: £369.99


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